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Landscaping is not something that you should ever have to do on your own. It can be difficult to establish a design, which is why at Bedoy Brothers, we are here to help you every step of the way.

The majority of our projects are designed for residential areas. This means that we work with homeowners in order to create the best design that works best for the style of home that you have as well is what your overall vision looks like. Your property is an extension of your personality. We have a wide range of styles, ranging from something that is minimalistic and requires very little maintenance to lush gardens that need to be maintained throughout the year.

It’s time to treat your outdoor living space to a makeover, and we are here to provide you with the best landscaping in Reno, Nevada. This way, as people drive by your home, they will be impressed by what they see. It may even be what helps you to sell your home should you ever be in the market to do so.

People judge a book by the cover and people are going to judge your yard by what it looks like. Our landscaping can take your home to the next level by providing astounding aesthetics that are representative of you and your family.



The first step is to talk about the design. We are going to sit down with you to understand your preferences. We want to engage you in the design process as much as possible. A consultation allows us to find out what your needs and wants are and make recommendations based upon the pre-existing landscaping as well as your budget. Your input is important because ultimately, we want you to be happy with the finished product that we deliver.

If you want the best lawn in Carson City, we are the ones to give it to you. We have been featured in various periodicals, including Gardensoft’s “Beautiful High Desert Gardening” tors, as well as within their garden gallery.

It all starts with an in-depth landscape consultation. We can then provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.

We can talk to you about how we are able to help with maintenance and we are able to provide you with written instructions so that you can provide all of the maintenance on your own.

How We’re Different

COSuperiorinstalloneWe also set ourselves apart from the other landscaping companies by providing a warranty. Trees, sod, irrigation, and even workmanship as a one year warranty that falls under state and written contract guidelines.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen one of the best landscaping companies in the area.

You will see the difference the moment you call us. We have become one of the top choices amongst landscaping companies and that is because we offer so much when it comes to landscaping.

tuscan-backyard-stone-walls-accent-landscapes_4208Your yard is important to you. It is where your kids play, where you spend time outdoors, and it is one of the first places people will see when they come to visit. Landscaping is going to make an impact on your holiday decorating in Carson City, Nevada and we are able to provide you with designs that work all year long.

Call now to learn more about how we can help with premium and affordable landscaping that can be as easy to maintain as you desire.

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